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Gridkiller - Off The Grid

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After 4 years of releasing singles, EPs, an anthem and collabs with big hardcore names, GridKiller decided to reward his loyal fanbase with an album with new quality music. He proudly presents ‘Off The Grid’ as his first album and it stands for what GridKiller is all about: who he is and what his sound is like.
“Making an album has always been a bucket list thing to me, I’ve always wanted to realize a big project like this! I’m proud of the album I made, but I’m most proud of the single ‘Corrupted Mind’ and my collab with Angerfist. Enjoy my new music! Cheers, GridKiller”

    1. GridKiller - Intro
    2. GridKiller & Restrained - Disrupt The Fight
    3. GridKiller & Neophyte - Like Shakespeare
    4. GridKiller - Someone Was Awake
    5. GridKiller - Force Of Salvation (Official Masters Of Hardcore Austria 2023 Anthem)
    6. GridKiller & MC Syco - Off The Grid
    7. GridKiller - Wizard's Reign
    8. GridKiller - Feel The Pain
    9. GridKiller - The Glory (Aftermath Remix)
    10. GridKiller - Ain't Hard To Tell
    11. GridKiller & INVADE - Deadly Combination
    12. GridKiller & Unfused - Murder Game
    13. GridKiller & Angerfist - Lethal Assassins
    14. GridKiller & Nosferatu - Premortality
    15. GridKiller - Corrupted Mind
    16. GridKiller - Crack It Up