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Dominator - We Will Prevail

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A collective of dominating defenders created an arsenal of lethal weaponry to come to your aid in these hectic times. The world is depreciated by contamination, but determinedly we scream: ‘WE WILL PREVAIL!’

We Will Prevail - The Album contains 12 exclusive and never heard before tracks by the likes of Angerfist, Miss K8, Deadly Guns, Mad Dog, DRS, N-Vitral, Nosferatu, Tha Playah, F.Noize, Furyan, Dither & Broken Minds!

  1. Angerfist - Born To Rule
  2. Tha Playah - Dedicated To Dominate
  3. Furyan - Say Hell Yeah!
  4. N-Vitral - I'm A Rebel
  5. Nosferatu - Slumber
  6. Miss K8 - Hardcore Generation
  7. Dither - Addiction
  8. Broken Minds - Elevated
  9. Dj Mad Dog - In My House
  10. Deadly Guns - Killer Heart
  11. F.Noize - Uptempo M.F.
  12. DRS - Pure Chaos