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Vicious by nature, the angriest canine in Hardcore is ready to cause a bloodbath with his forthcoming album, ‘Till I Die.’ Expect no less than savage tempos, refreshing innovation and 100% Mad Dog hysteria!

*Include some free stickers.


01. Introduction
02. Maze of Martyr (Dominator Anthem 2017) Feat. Dave Revan
03. I Don't Give a Fuck About Feat. MC Syco)
04. Why me
05. 1996
06. Bring the Hardcore
07. Drugs, Sex & Power
08. That's the Sound
09. Hero
10. Dogfight
11. Fuck That Shit
12. HTC
13. The Kraken
14. Wait and Bleed Feat. Dave Revan
15. Down For the Core Feat. Rob Gee

01. Not My Tempo
02. Namassé Motherfuckers Feat. Rob Gee
03. The Apocalypse (Unity Anthem 2015) Feat. MC Syco & MC Nolz
04. Ama Shishi Feat. AniMe
05. A Real Voice Feat. MC Jeff
06. 911 Feat. Evil Activities & E-Life
07. Rewind
08. Call of Fury
09. Take You Back (Remix)
10. Good Old Times
11. MFFYF (VIP mix) Feat. Noize Suppressor vs. Rob Gee
12. Ghettocore (DJ Mad Dog Remix)
13. Enter The Time Machine Feat. Tha Playah
14. Lack of Existence Feat. Nosferatu
15. Bassdrum Bitch Feat. Noize Suppressor)
16. Priest Feat. Tieum
17. Ameno Feat. Unexist (Remix)
18. Attack (Remix)

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