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In 2016, a group of like-minded creatives joined their strengths to create an unstoppable dynamic authority that would strictly command the Hardcore scene… Two and a half years after commencing their mission, the overpowering Dogfight Records clan has achieved the unthinkable; the clan has grown bigger, their skills more powerful and their presence more influential.

It has been a wild journey so far… But this is just the beginning.

They are Dogfight Records, and they’re READY FOR WAR.


CD 1

1.DJ Mad Dog & Blaster ­ Warrior Song
2.Unexist ft. Da Mouth Of Madness ­ Fuzz & Fight
3.Bloodfire ­ Illusion
4.Noize Suppressor ft. Multiplex MC ­ Teeth Grinding
5.DJ Mad Dog & Tha Playah ­ Embrace The Fire
6.Stereotype ­ Abracadabra
7.Ignite ­ Hardcore & Destruction
8.Bloodfire ft. Tannia ­ Into The Light
9.Stereotype ­ God of War
10.Broken Minds & Myosuke ­ Guns
11.Nosferatu & DJ Mad Dog ­ Choose Your Weapon
12.Stereotype ­ Welcome To My Jungle
13.Odium ­ Fight
14.DJ Mad Dog & AniMe ­ Come Get Some
15.Access One ­ Mind Control
16.Tears Of Fury ­ FCK U
17.Myosuke & F. Noize ft. Tha Watcher ­ 8th Gate (Official Hardgate 08 Anthem)
18.Broken Minds ­ Chupito

CD 2

1.AniMe ­ Playing Terror
2.Stereotype ­ Angry
3.DJ Mad Dog ­ Laughing Loud
4.Blaster ­ W.T.F
5.Ignite ­ Ragga Monster
6.Stereotype ­ Out Of This World
7.AniMe ­ In The End
8.Dogfight Clan & Alee ­ Live & Direct (Official Free Festival 2018 Hardcore Anthem)
9.Bloodfire ­ Redemption
10.AniMe & DJ Mad Dog ­ Symmetry
11.Noize Suppressor ft. MC Syco ­ Ultimate Team
12.Ignite ­ Sacrifice
13.Tears of Fury ­ Laser Beam
14.Access One ­ Hardcore Domination
15.Blaster ­ Welcome To Mayhem
16.Broken Minds ­ Bow Down
17.Myosuke ­ Source Of Creation (Club Mix)
18.Bloodfire ­ Bassface
19.Noize Suppressor ­ Street Game
20.AniMe & D­Fence ­ Italia
21.DJ Mad Dog ­ Bust Your Chest
22.Odium ­ Kill
23.Noize Suppressor ­ Danger
24.AniMe ­ Bam Bam

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